Tuesday, February 27, 2018


In an attempt to "capture" more dollars that walk through the door,  Many Physicians that practice HRT have resorted to using Diagnostic Blood Labs that offer "kickbacks" in the form of a "CONSULTATION FEE" for using their services. These Labs are easy to spot as they can not perform labs such as Pregnenolone due to the expensive equipment necessary to obtain accurate levels. I have used blood work, SX,and patient HX as an integral part of my clinical practice and after looking at well over 15,000 lab reports from reputable and well-established labs, it has become quite easy to spot discrepancy. in a patient over 40 y/o, Thyroid levels (free T3) will below 3.0 anywhere from 33-50% of the time. These fly-by-night labs are showing this result less than 5% of the time, and furthermore, the adrenal testing has very similar flaws. Direct comparison has confirmed my suspicions. These lab values are vital in achieving a correct hormone regimen, without it, Patient's therapies are greatly flawed. The bottom line- If your Physician INSISTS on using one of these fly-by-night labs-RUN...... AND FAST. Any Practitioner that puts $$$$$ ahead of accurate lab results is not only disreputable, but doesn't care about your health or well-being !